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Reliable power distribution in a server rack is extremely important. The rack PDUs provide the perfect economical solution for every specific requirement and exceptional efficiency with numerous technical features.

Enconnex Rack PDU meets a broad range of data center power distribution requirements for IT and other applications, designed especially to handle the growing number of electronic components that can be housed within network cabinets and server racks meeting high availability and hybrid configuration scenarios.

Enconnex Power Distribution Unit solution enables effective management of the data center servers'energy consumption. The Power Distribution Unit, particularly designed for data centers, meets strict safety requirements. The Unit improves the reliability of electricity distribution in the data centers and ensures the functionality of the servers.

SKU: ECX-SV27P3P32IEC Category:
  • Built-in web server, real time monitoring of the current consumption of the power strip.
  • Built-in true RMS current meter.
  • Audible alarm when the power consumption over the setting of warning and overload
  • Supports SNMP and provided MIB for the PDU to be monitored by NMS
  • Slim size is suitable for the variety of rack to use.
  • Indicate each outlet status with LED
  • Powder-coated metal chassis
  • Rugged design for every day DC connectivity
Product Family MPN Input Type Rate Amps Input Volts Outlets
Smart Metered ECX-SV27P3P32IEC 3 Phase IEC 309 3 Phase 32A 380 ~ 415V 27 X C13
PDU Type

Smart Metered


Three Phase

Input Plug Type

IEC 309



Input Voltage

380, 415

Number of Outlets


Outlet Type