Containment Solutions


Data center aisle containment strategies provide a proven means of saving energy and optimizing data center equipment. In fact, The Green Grid quotes that an air management strategy as the initial step of implementing a data center energy savings program.

Implementing containment by separating cold & hot air in the datacenter contributes to energy savings by removing hot spots & improving cooling potential of the air conditioning equipment.

Datacenter environment without containment is prone to generating more hot spots which might lead to downtime of critical IT equipment causing business loss. Also a huge portion of the airflow within a typical data center is wasted, bypassing the servers and going directly back to the CRAC units or cooling area within Datacenter which is not intended for any effective cooling. Containment reduces this bypass air, allowing an overall reduction in air supply to the space, cooling space which is required to be kept cool and thus saving energy.

Reducing hot spots and cooling air bypass saves energy, because it becomes possible to increase supply air and cooling water temperature set points. Equipment efficiencies and potential free cooling hours increase along with these supply temperatures.

There are two types of data center containment options: hot aisle & cold aisle. Choosing which type of containment is completely dependent on site conditions and design of the DC layout.

Enconnex - Cabinet Containment

Enconnex is the leading provider of hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions for new data center build as well as retrofits for existing data centers offering complete level of customization to customers based on their site conditions and energy savings plan. Enconnex products and solutions are deployed in some of the most demanding mission critical extreme density facilities. Enconnex gets new data center containment built on time and on budget and inline to customer expectations.


  • Eliminates hot and cold air mixing.
  • Works in both a raised floor and slab environments.
  • Increases cooling capacity.
  • Less Investment & More Savings.
  • Saves energy and improves data center cooling efficiency.

References to Cold or Hot Aisle Containment Solutions to drive better energy efficiency; we offer a best fit Containment Solutions to compliment with your cooling units to achieve better energy efficiency in the datacenter.

Customize Your Own Containment With Enconnex:

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    Step 1: Type of Containment (Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle).

    Choosing one among this needs a site survey to under site condition and type of cooling used incase of a existing site and incase of new site, suitable containment type will be proposed on cooling equipment and DC layout.

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    Step 2: Type of Aisle (POD) type

    a. Rack to Rack (Standard deployments.)

    b. Rack to Concrete Wall (Wall containment for odd Rows).

    c. Rack to Tempered Glass Wall.

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    Step 3: Type of Doors

    a. Dual or Single Sliding Doors – Manual Open & Close.

    b. Dual or Single Sliding Doors – Manual Open & Auto Close.

    c. Dual or Single Sliding Doors with remote/pin pad open & Auto Close.

    d. One Fixed & Other Sliding Doors for Wall Containment.

    e. Dual or Single Swing Doors – Outward Swing

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    Step 4: Type of Roof.

    a. Flat Roof – Removable glass window.

    b. Flat Roof – Fixed glass window.

    c. Flat Roof – Sliding glass window.

    d. Chimney Style Roof – Fixed glass window (typically for hot aisle for hot air collection & circulation outside).

    e. Chimney Style – Tilting glass window (again for hot aisle, glass window tilts automatically by 90 degree in event of fire or electricity cut out or during scheduled maintenance).

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    Step 5: Type of Panels.

    a. Top of the rack decoration panel to hide all cables from outside world.

    b. Top of the rack cable trays for running cables across the racks in a Row.

    c. Cable ladder running across the Rows passing through the decoration panels of containment.

    d. Rack skirt panels blocking air leakage below racks.

    e. Blanking panels – 1U/2U/Rolling sheet type etc.

    f. Spacer panels to fill gaps created by building column/pillar or odd-even number of racks Row in a POD/Aisle.

    g. Adjustment panel for bringing all racks on same height in case of uneven height racks in Datacenter.

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    Step 6: Type of Materials

    a. MS steel type material or Aluminium.

    b. Tempered Glass or Sun Panel or Poly Carbonate.

    This could be mix and match and will be suggested by our Containment Specialist keeping in mind site conditions, type of containment, cost, and natural light flow inside the Aisle etc.

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    Step 7: Security & Accessories

    a. Door Access Control with Pin-Pad locking.

    b. Swipe Cards.

    c. Door open based on motion sensor.

    d. Exit Remote for exiting from the Aisle.

    e. Door opens with remote.

    f. LED Lighting.

    g. Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution.